Reunion – in the heart of the city

No other place in Berlin combines history with modernity as much as Potsdamer Platz
This modern and historical location is the only venue with the original Berlin Wall course running through it – a real highlight for your event’s artistic framework, as the  original location where the Wall was built and torn down
During the redevelopment of the Potsdamer Platz area, this impressive venue was also rebuilt, partly on the site of the historical walls
The Berlin Wall also divided Potsdamer Platz into an eastern and a western sector, thus meaning it became meaningless for over 28 years
With the fall of the Berlin Wall on the 9th November 1989, the foundations for the construction of our location were laid. After several years of planning, a long construction phase took place during which we developed this magical space into a multifunctional event location

13th of August 1961 to the 9th of November 1989